Cloverclean is a pre-mixed solution of the Original Cloverdale Cleaner. It removes oil, soot, food stains, lipstick, wax, polish, soap film, tar, crayon and pencil marks, wet paint, bathtub ring, algae and mildew stains and many other types of soil.

The Original Cloverdale Cleaner™ is a biodegradable, non-phosphate, non-toxic and non-polluting cleaner with many uses and applications. This highly effective all-purpose cleaning formula breaks down hydrocarbons and neutralizes contaminants, working equally well in food processing areas against animal and vegetable fats as it does in industrial areas cleaning petroleum-based spills. Cloverdale cleans all types of surfaces, including: Metal, Plastic, Porcelain, Formica, Enamel, Linoleum, Glass and Vinyl.

Cloverdale is easy to use. Simply spray it on, pause a moment and wipe it

off. Surfaces that come in contact with food should be rinsed with clear water; otherwise rinsing is not necessary.

Cloverdale is a heavy-duty concentrate. The dilution rate depends on the job to be done, and can be changed instantly.

Concentrating makes a little of our product go a long way- our products last months, not weeks and therefore Cloverdale households buy less and toss out less plastic bottles.

FYI- Many of our customers use quarts and gallons of "The Original" to refill their Cloverclean spray bottles and save the environment from more plastic bottles and themselves a significant amount of money. We mark each of our Cloverclean spray bottles with a concentrate line, making it easy to reuse and reduce the number of bottles in circulation. One gallon of The Original Cloverdale Cleaner will refill 64 Cloverclean spray bottles, a savings of over $300!!

Product versatility follows the same "less plastic" logic- if one bottle of Cloverdale cleans your house(inside and out), office, boat, shop, car, grill, garage and moped... just think of how much plastic you just saved; not to mention, money. Cloverdale can be used just about anywhere, on anything. Households, commercial buildings, industrial factories, boat yards, meat and poultry processing facilities, you name it, it's a versatile product.

Unlike other degreasers, this one is non-butyl and safe. But being safe doesn't stop Cloverdale from being the most effective means of loosening, lifting and suspending all types of grease, oil & soil. In fact- it can be used in cold, hot, hard or soft water without affecting its high standard of performance.

Greenpeace has tested Cloverdale; the White House considered it for use in the Greening of the White House; Mario Andretti offered to be the spokesperson after Cloverdale products were highly praised by Paul Newman; Robert Redford's Sundance catalog carried our products; the Presidental Yacht SEQUOIA used Cloverdale as a bilge wash and boat cleaner, and numerous environmental journals and green guides list Cloverdale as a highly effective non-toxic cleaner.

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