Cloverdale Inc. is an environmental company that has been marketing eco-friendly cleaning products since 1990.

Founder, Harry L. Colley II, discovered our concentrated, all-purpose formula while evaluating non-butyl cleaners in the late 1980's. He was drawn to its fantastic grease cutting, contaminant neutralizing capabilities; not to mention its eco-friendly ingredients. Realizing its potential, he soon after founded Cloverdale, Inc. with a mission to prove- Pollution Stops at Home! Meaning: individuals can lessening overall pollution, by using non-toxic, reusable, multi-tasking cleaners.

Since then we have grown and our product line has expanded, but just slightly, because our goal is to lessen pollution and less products mean less bottles in circulation. That is why all our biodegradable, non-phosphate, non-toxic and non-polluting formulas are concentrates with versatile uses.

Our eco-friendly formulas are as safe as they are effective no matter where they are used- households, commercial buildings, industrial factories, boat yards, meat and poultry processing facilities, you name it- In fact, our customers fill us in on new uses for our products all the time. Our favorite? Cleaning oiled birds and wildlife.


"...I have tried many cleaners in my years but have never found one that does such a wonderful job as Cloverdale without much work."
-Catherine Pappas

"I have kitchen cabinets that just soak up grease, and I had been trying for 7 years to clean them. Nothing worked until Cloverdale. Thank you!"
-Lorraine Cordu

"It worked better than any other product I've tried, and it's non-hazardous to boot! What more could one ask for?"
Laurie Emery

"I purchased a Cloverclean spray bottle last September and since then I've used your quart bottles of Cloverdale to refill it (that new concentrate line on the bottle makes it real easy). Last weekend my husband and I added up our savings... $278!! Thank you!"
Jamie Adler

"Cloverdale has gotten rave reviews from everyone who has tried it (and several of us have)."
-Robert K. Stockett
Vermont Regional Planning Commission

Greenpeace has tested Cloverdale; the White House considered it for use in the Greening of the White House; Mario Andretti offered to be the spokesperson after Cloverdale products were highly praised by Paul Newman; Robert Redford's Sundance catalog carried our products; the Presidental Yacht SEQUOIA used Cloverdale as a bilge wash and boat cleaner, and numerous environmental journals and green guides list Cloverdale as a highly effective non-toxic cleaner.

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