This highly effective all-purpose cleaning formula breaks down hydrocarbons and neutralizes contaminants, working equally well in food processing areas against animal and vegetable fats as it does in industrial areas cleaning petroleum-based spills.

The Original Cloverdale Cleaner™ is a biodegradable, non-phosphate, non-toxic and non-polluting cleaner with many uses and applications. Cloverdale cleans all types of surfaces, including: Metal, Plastic, Porcelain, Formica, Enamel, Linoleum, Glass and Vinyl.

Cloverdale is easy to use. Simply spray it on, pause a moment and wipe it off. Surfaces that come in contact with food should be rinsed with clear water; otherwise rinsing is not necessary.

Cloverdale is a heavy-duty concentrate. The dilution rate depends on the job to be done, and can be changed instantly.

Concentrating makes a little of our product go a long way- our products last months, not weeks and therefore Cloverdale households buy less and toss out less plastic bottles.

FYI- Many of our customers use gallons of "The Original" to refill their Cloverclean spray bottles and save the environment from more plastic bottles and themselves a significant amount of money. We mark each of our Cloverclean spray bottles with a concentrate line, making it easy to reuse and reduce the number of bottles in circulation. One gallon of The Original Cloverdale Cleaner will refill 64 Cloverclean spray bottles, a savings of over $300!!

Product versatility follows the same "less plastic" logic- if one bottle of Cloverdale cleans your house(inside and out), office, boat, shop, car, grill, garage and moped... just think of how much plastic you just saved; not to mention, money. Cloverdale can be used just about anywhere, on anything. Households, commercial buildings, industrial factories, boat yards, meat and poultry processing facilities, you name it, it's a versatile product.

Unlike other degreasers, this one is non-butyl and safe. But being safe doesn't stop Cloverdale from being the most effective means of loosening, lifting and suspending all types of grease, oil & soil. In fact- it can be used in cold, hot, hard or soft water without affecting its high standard of performance.

Greenpeace has tested Cloverdale; the White House considered it for use in the Greening of the White House; Mario Andretti offered to be the spokesperson after Cloverdale products were highly praised by Paul Newman; Robert Redford's Sundance catalog carried our products; the Presidental Yacht SEQUOIA used Cloverdale as a bilge wash and boat cleaner, and numerous environmental journals and green guides list Cloverdale as a highly effective non-toxic cleaner.

Cloverdale is sold in quarts, gallons and 5 gallon pails. Email us for details:


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